I am doing some things with snmp and I will use this post as a pastebin.

pseudo switch

# apt-get install snmpd
# vim  /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
agentAddress  udp:161
rocommunity   public

to use snmpwalk on another machine, in my case nagios:
# apt-get install snmp
$ snmpwalk -v 2c -c public


Usually nagios uses the NRPE client but for snmp it is not used.

root@nagios:/etc/nagios3/conf.d# vim services.cfg

define service {
name                                         switch_uptime
use                                             generic-service
service_description             switch_uptime
check_command                   snmp_UpTime!-C public
#   hostgroup_name                 all
host_name                             unswitch

define command{
command_name    snmp_UpTime
command_line    $USER1$/check_snmp -o -H $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG1$

# iso. = 1.

root@nagios:/etc/nagios3/conf.d# vim hosts.cfg

define host {
use                        generic-host
host_name        unswitch

root@tt01:/etc/nagios3/conf.d# vim hostgroups.cfg

define hostgroup {
hostgroup_name     all
members                   unserver,unswitch


Test via command line without using the web server:

root@nagios:/etc/nagios3/conf.d# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -o -C public





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