nvidia Jetson TK1 board dead

U-Boot SPL 2014.10-rc2-00001-g9f88c9e (Dec 01 2014 – 14:29:15)
[0000.000] [TegraBoot] (version UNDEF_BUILD)
[0000.004] Reset reason: power on reset
[0000.008] Processing in recovery mode
[0000.011] Established communication link with host
[0001.088] Downloaded bct successfully
[0001.093] No Battery Present
[0001.097] Sdram initialization is successful
[0001.111] Downloaded DTB successfully
[0001.138] No Battery Present
[0001.227] Downloaded bootloader successfully
[0001.231] CPU-bootloader entry address: 0x83d88000
[0001.235] BoardId: 375
[0001.238] Vpr Carveout Base=0x0f4600000 Size=0x00ba00000
[0001.243] Tsec Carveout Base=0x0f2600000 Size=0x002000000
[0001.248] Lp0 Carveout Base=0x0f25ff000 Size=0x000001000
[0001.253] Xusb Carveout Base=0x0f2300000 Size=0x000200000
[0001.258] Platform-DebugCarveout: 0
[0001.285] NvTbootI2cClearBus(): error code 0x00045004 Invalid register value in bus clear status register
[0001.294] NvTbootI2cDeviceWrite(): error code 0x00045004 I2c Open Failed
[0001.301] NvTbootI2c: Read failed for slave 0x80, offset 0x00 with error code 0x00045004
[0001.308] FAILURE in NvTbootConfigureCpu
[0001.312] Error is 45004

More info about the error 45004:

0x00045004, “The controller reports the error during transaction like fifo overrun, underrun”)

So basically it needs I2C to boot and it doesn’t work.





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