VNH2SP30 CJMCU single motor Arduino test code


Arduino Test Code

      EN (Diagnostic) and 
      CS (Current Sense would go to analog in)
      are not connected.
      GND to Arduino nano's GND
      +5V to Arduino nano's VIN

    int PWM  = 3;  
    int InA = 7;
    int InB = 8;
    int PWM_val = 64; // 25% = 64; 50% = 127; 75% = 191; 100% = 255

    void setup() {
      pinMode(InA, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(InB, OUTPUT);
      pinMode(PWM, OUTPUT);

    void loop() {
      // Turn CW ClockWise  
      digitalWrite(InA, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(InB, LOW);
      analogWrite(PWM, PWM_val);
      // Turn CCW Counter ClockWise
      digitalWrite(InA, LOW);
      digitalWrite(InB, HIGH);
      analogWrite(PWM, PWM_val);

This can work as a unitary test code for those cheap chinese boards. Their price is cheaper than the unitary chip price from ST.


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