x230 keyboard give up and a smile

I’ve no time to continue, I just bought a second hand x220 and will use it instead of the x230.

I have another second hand docstation for the x230 and I will use an external keyboard with it as if it were not a laptop.

This keyboard hacking journey was ok go get into shape and remember things I had forgotten (not all) but I’ve remembered enough. Now it is time to think what I want to do with my time and to use it for more usefull things like learning Chinese and passing exams while coding a bit just as an exercise but not as a goal. I don’t even care about the Chinese but it helps being focused at a task like hacking does and the examns are not usefull at all but I’ve to pass them.

In 3 months I will be bankrupt if I don’t find a job but it is being difficult to find honest companies to work for and that is a requirement because I can not control what my code will be used for.


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