x230 where to start looking

I found this tip online. it is worth a look


Well it doesn’t seem to be true for the 2.55 version. In the FL1 file there is nothing there and in  the FL2 file something does begin there indeed at 80:0000h but 192Kb is 30000h and nothing ends at 83000h

Lenovo used the codename LenovoNozomi3 to create the x230 BIOS bundle, the EFI part, and nozomi3 was the codename of the Lenvo T420 laptop (second core-i generation) I found some references to it on the internet as:

That means Lenovo does recycle common tools for several laptops.

I was not able to spot the EC code yet but the EC code is not a PE file like all the rest of the code. EFI files are PE files, similar to windows executables and there should be a 192Kb chunk somewhere without a PE header so hope is not lost.

I found something similar. On the fl2 file beginning at 500000h I have 30000h of data that can be something but I am too tired and too upset to look at it now.

The info under this line inside this post is not true at least for the 2.55 bios version for the x230.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:33 pm

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you should modify embedded controller firmware (*.fl1) for 7 row keyboard. The size of embedded controller firmware is a 192KB. Start address of EC firmware is a 800000h.


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