x230 Lenovo and Microchip

So Lenovo didn’t choose Microchip (but according to their electric schematics they were going to)

New York, May 2, 2012 Microchip acquires SMSC.


Lenovo announced the x230 on December 2011 and released it in 2012



In the end the Lenovo x230 ended up having an EC (Embedded Controller) from Microchip as initially planned but it wasn’t using that EC in the initial electronic wiring.

I wonder who has the code for the embedded controller. Lenovo, WKS/Winstron, Microchip? I wonder what is the relationship betweeen the EC and the intel ME and if there is a backdoor there playing with certs but this is only paranoia. After all intel ME itself is a backdoor but only to USA/NSA, the rest of the governments “need” to put them somewhere else.



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