x220 and x230 Official datasheets and manuals

Just to have them easy to find because I had to change some things related to intel AMT and I didn’t have them at hand.
User Guide: ThinkPad X230 and x230i

Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad X230 and X230i

Unnofficial Electric schematics (Dasher2):

Beware of the EC controller it seems they ended up using a different one (based on 8051 instead of ARC)
I suspect they used the SMSC FDC37N972:

Intel Ivy followed Sandy and I found nothing new related to EC:



There is nothing of interest on those documents. Appart from:

“This 3rd generation Intel Core processor
family and Intel® 7 Series chipsets are
pin and package compatible with the 2nd
generation Intel Core processor family
and Intel® 6 Series chipsets, allowing
developers to mix and match processors
and chipsets to better suit their design

So basically Lenovo _did_ innovate (sarcasm) and didn’t follow previous IBM designs or intel and went to a cheaper embedded controller but in order to be cheap they probably recycled a lot of code from somewhere else. They might even have ignored Phoenix but that is unlikely. x220:
User Guide ThinkPad x220,X220i,X220Tablet, and x220i Tablet

ThinkPad x220 and X220i Hardware Maintenance Manual

Oficial Electric schematics (Dasher1):

Intel recomended way of connecting things (uses a Renesas H8S/2117 as a Embedded Controller)



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