about the x230 keyboard – pre end

I won’t be able to work on this project. I still have some pinout to publish but no code will be published because I fear the bad uses it could have besides just using another keyboard and countermeasures would have to be made before, and I am not in the mood to work on those things.

I will publish just the electric pinout and keycodes so that if someone just wants to do the keyboard part and has the technical skills can do it without dismantling their keyboards but I won’t do further advancements in the code or explain how to code for that part of the BIOS.

I would like someone else to do it since I can’t and I would like to use a propper keyboard but I don’t know how to do it safely so it won’t be me.

If someone else want to do it I could help on the countermeasures but only if the person really waits for the countermeasures to be ready and has the technical skills to do it. It won’t be soon anyway and the x230 is getting old so maybe there isn’t a point for doing it after all.

I wouldn’t like it to be installed in an airport checking in a foreign country and not being able to detect it easily for example.

The quick and dirty solution is to use an external USB keyboard and plug it to an internal USB connector. The drawback of this is that it cannot be used if the USB subsystem doesn’t work (kernel developers).

Well anyway, what I’ve done so far won’t have to be done by anyone else and at least it can be usefull for repairs and keyboard mods on the Novena and similar open source laptops because the X220 keyboard rocks.


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