Lenovo X230 and Lenovo X220 keyboard bios hack part 3

I Downloaded G2ET95WW, G2ET96WW and G2ET94WW Lenovo Bioses for the x230.They all have changes on the BIOS but no changes on the Embedded Controller firmware.

They’ve two important files $01D3000.FL1 and $01D3000.FL2 (and several files from 306a4.HSH to 306a9.HSH

I’ve no idea what they do yet. I’ve seen that the file $01D3000.FL2 is the same for all of them so the code for the embedded controller has to be there. It seems it is there with other stuff so I downloaded a BIOS unpacker to see if I was lucky.

I downloaded Phoenix Bios Editor but it was not able to open the file. It said “Invalid ROM lenght!

There are many underground bios related pages on the web but the most friendly site is bios-mods. So I choose that one to begin with.

Then I realized that what others at bios-mods were using was Phonenixtool 1.90 for Lenovos so I downloaded Andy’s Phoenixtool256 and this one was able to generate a SLIC.LOG and create a folder named DUMP with lots of files.

Maybe the extractor didn’t even touch the embedded controller but now I’ve to look what do I have.




I found those two threads at bios-mods interesting:


UPDATE: My reasoning might have been wrong.
If what coreboot said regarding the bios placement is true the .FL2 file might have nothing to do with the Embedded Controller after all. I’ll check it later. I have no time until this afternoon.

“X230 has 2 flash chips of 8M and 4M. They’re concatenated to one virtual flash chip of 12M which is itself subdivided in roughly in 3 parts:
Descriptor (12K)
ME firmware (5M-12K)
System flash (7M)”

I guess I’ll have to look at the embedded controller datasheet and the x230 schematics first. Well, it is going to be slow. At least I am enjoying the quest but I would prefer to have the keyboard working.

Coreboot doesn’t even list this embedded controller yet. I’ll update the page once I have more info but I already have a bit more here about it than in the coreboot web page.


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