Lenovo X230 keyboard Lenovo X220 keyboard BIOS mod blue Enter – Part 1

Two songs,

* Rolling Stones Paint It Black
* Eiffel 65 – I’m Blue

Well to the point, I have a Lenovo x230 and i _HATE_ the keyboard. I can put the x220 keyboard on it. I like the layout, I like the keys and I want my blue Enter but some keys have a different mapping and the keyboard controller firmware is inside the BIOS. It has nothing to do with the normal BIOS, it just shares space inside the same flash.

May people put the old keyboard intead of the new one but none hacked the bios (and published) so they had to map some keys via software and couldn’t map other keys because the BIOS doesn’t recognize those keycodes at all (the new keyboards have fewer keys).

X220 next to a X230:

Keyboard dissasembly:

Beautifull mod and comments:

Another similar mod very detailled, thanks yttrium tyclief I began this quest after seeing that post.

So I Downloaded a X220 BIOS Image:
just to give a look at how it looks like.
I found ThinkPad_x220_1.39_8duj25us_NWL.rar here:

Coreboot :
Now both the x220 and the x230 have coreboot. The x230 had it first. But coreboot doesn’t touch the keyboard mapping part.

According to the coreboot wiki they’re distributed like this (but it makes no sense for the x220 if it only has 8M to be distributed this way, someone made a mistake copying from the x230 wiki page)

X220 has 1 flash chip of 8M. It’s subdivided in roughly in 3 parts:

Descriptor (12K)
ME firmware (5M-12K)
System flash (7M)

X230 has 2 flash chips of 8M and 4M. They’re concatenated to one virtual flash chip of 12M which is itself subdivided in roughly in 3 parts:

Descriptor (12K)
ME firmware (5M-12K)
System flash (7M)

Let’s rock:

I began analizyng the ThinkPad_x220_1.39_8duj25us_NWL.rar file and found the logo straight away. It is useless but it marks a beggining in this BIOS hacking journey. I attach it here, it is a GIF89a, the first thing the computer shows at boot taken straight from the BIOS image. Offset: 0x541fc1 / 0x820fff


2 pensamientos en “Lenovo X230 keyboard Lenovo X220 keyboard BIOS mod blue Enter – Part 1

  1. Hey, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work!
    I am too interested in putting the X220 keyboard in an X230.
    Please keep us informed about your findings.


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