Looking for answers using SNMP…

I was reading about SNMP when…


— Example scalars

netSnmpPassString OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX SnmpAdminString
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
DESCRIPTION “Example string scalar object.”
DEFVAL { “Life, the Universe, and Everything” }
::= { netSnmpPassExamples 1 }

netSnmpPassTimeTicks OBJECT-TYPE

Script to download from slideshare

A security guy had this address with the download option blocked

I used some command line fu to download it and convert it to a PDF. It was annoying but easy.

apt-get install curl xargs imagemagick

mkdir slides; cd slides

curl -s http://www.slideshare.net/lostinsecurity/yersinia-demostraciones-prcticas-de-nuevos-ataques-de-nivel-dos |grep slide_image|cut -d\" -f8 > lista.txt

cat lista.txt

# check it just to be sure
# note: using tac instead o cat I can avoid the -r and the -reverse later but it might be less clear to understand.

cat lista.txt | xargs -n1 curl -O

ls --time=ctime -r | awk 'BEGIN{ i=0 }{ printf "mv %s slides_%04d.jpg\n", $0, i++ }' | bash

# and now everything to a PDF

convert -reverse *.jpg -adjoin slides.pdf