Samsung S5 GM-900P a first aproach

Long story short: I was given a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 phone because it didn’t work in Europe and this is what I did to make it work.

Tap 7 times on settings -> About -> Build number = Developer mode

Unified Android Toolkit (SkipSoft ToolKit) => Root and philz_touch recovery.

This was interesting. The original Samsung Galaxy S5 is called klte and the Spring model is called kltespr BUT I had to use the recovery for klte. (it worked very well here but beware, klte things usually don’t work with kltespr)

this worked: philz_touch_6.41.6-klte.tar.md5

this didn’t work: CF-Auto-Root-kltespr-kltespr-smg900p.tar.md5

13cde7593a011e034270b89d2f206285 *CF-Auto-Root-kltespr-kltespr-smg900p.tar.md5
e20fb2c1f7433691c70d30b9b614762c *philz_touch_6.41.6-klte.tar.md5

They can also be flashed with Odin 3.07 without the unified toolkit.

In order to enter recovery mode: Volume Up+Central button+ Power at the same time

in order to enter Odin mode: Volume Down + Central button + Power at the same time.

Note: After flashing the recovery you have to reboot into recovery mode. If you don’t, the phone will reload the previous stock recovery. It took me a while to discover why. The easyest way is to use the unified toolkit, it has an option to avoid this.

Then I uploaded SSU.apk from aalyatim (it doesn’t need root)

8f059f2c6c916139d4632dc352877889 *SSU.apk

And the phone was unlocked for international GSM/GPRS/UMTS/3G/HSPA…

The SSU.apk uses a known exploit and is marked as a virus by antivirus vendors but it is clean. It doesn’t work on cyanogen CM11 or CM12 because they’ve patched it so it has to be used with the Sprint official stock Image. The good thing is that once it is used the phone is unlocked for other roms too and SSU doesn’t have to be used again. aalyatim did a good work and deserved some paypal money for it.

SSU works but some things have to be changed in order to use the European SIM card.

1) The connections Optimizer has to be turned OFF (or simply don’t accept the EULA/License for it). conf-> networks -> more networks -> mobile networks -> connection optimizer.

2) In order to use data a APN has to be configured for the European provider.

That is enough to use Internet via HDSPA, make calls, receive calls and receive SMS (i didn’t try sending SMS yet).

The automatic updates have to be dissabled:

The certification authority for the 2 Sprint places has to be unauthorized (conf->security-> certs-> and here remove Spring and Sprint Nextel

Since I am using the stock firmware and I am not a Sprint customer some programs have to be deleted (being root):

Sprint Zone

Sprint Installer (as a service)

Voice Mail

Then minor details: To change Farenheit to Centigrade touch the panel and go to it’s settings, it is aplication defined, it is not a general option on the phone. To configure your size on  the pulse sensor click on it and change it from foot or inch to cm.

About Cyanogen 12:

I tried cyanogenmod cm12 20150115 and it seemed to work (I could make calls, use the internet, bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, Camera) but it didn’t. It doesn’t hang the phone when it should (sometimes it does) and it never shows received calls. I tried several other CM12 builds and they all had the same problems. The 20150118 didn’t solve those problems and I didn’t try it more. I went back to the stock firmware. CM12 doesn’t have anything to use the infrared TV thing or the pulsemeter (I don’t care about them). The camera is still good under CM12 but a bit worse than in stock. I didn’t try NFC with CM12.

I didn’t try CM11 on the phone because I can’t compile it now and the nightly builds are gone. I’ll try CM12 next month, if I have to go back to stock I’ll create scripts to automate all this. I would like to use the S5 as a oneplusone phone but with a better screen and with a SDHC slot. I don’t care about the IR sensors.


I did a Nandroid backup using Phil’s recovery.

Sprint Apps keep comming, so I’ll write what I did to remove them:

Sprint Installer

Sprint ID

Sprint Zone

I still don’t know what SprintHiddenMenu.apk is.

I’ll try using the “Titanium Backup” tool. Ok it worked but I still have no idea what the hiddenmenu is about. I aslo uninstalled the voice mail app and everything seems to be working perfectly.


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