Bought a second hand X230 laptop

I ++love the X220 keyboard but the machine is old and doesn’t have USB3. My (work) desktop screen is a 27 inch Dell and I wanted a DisplayPort to be able to use it at full resolution 2556×1400. I found this one with 3G and a SSD disc with more than 600 days of warranty left and in nearly mint condition (it has a scratch just above the expresscard slot. that part is made of plastic).

Since the sratch is on top of the area that I touch with my palm, I bough a express-card to USB3 card for 6 dolars, shipping included. Linux can use it if enabled in the kernel CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD enabling xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) at
Device Drivers -> USB Support -> Support for Host-side USB’ -> xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) support.

I used a Lenovo Edge 530C at work and I got used to the keyboard, the touch is nice but it lacks some keys and makes it anoying for driver development.

Pause = Fn-P

Break = Fn-B

SysRq = Fn-S

ScrLk = Fn-C

The laptop comes with a 3G and GPS mini pci card. and with a i7 the 4 cell battery coding only lasts 2:30h

Update: I got a unused second hand 6 cell battery. It lasts 5:30 hours or more coding and it weights slightly more.


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