Graphical Remote Control over Slow Bandwith Channels.

10+ years ago I used Starnet’s X-win32 from Windows to Linux.
Now I’veen looking for something similar but open source and for very low bandwith.

I’ve seen the Xming server and is ok for LAN use. MobaXterm does the same and comes with putty, sftp and other goodies. They’re slow over a 3G/crowded wifi connection.

NX technology is very fragmented, most of the related webpages are old and the projects
are not being updated (OpenNX, freeNX, NeatX…) but there is a project called X2Go that seems interesting. What they offer is similar to Nomachine’s commercial solution using nearly the same NX tech. It is open source and is being actively maintaned. It is not compatible with Nomachine/freeNX though.