Chibiduino DCDC replacement parts

I bought several beta chibiduinos to test my indoor location systems with zigbee.

They didn’t have the external battery circuit and they also lacked the battery holder.

Its parts are mostly from Japan and Hongkong and I was not able to find them from local distributors or to obtain sample parts from the manufacturer.

So I had to find replacement parts and I write here where to obtain them for free

Chibiduino 2.1a Datasheet:

1 Inductor
2 capacitors
1 schottky diode
1 AA battery holder
1 DC/DC boost

Copy the text from start to end (without start and end) and save in a text file called chibi.csv

then it can be opened with any spreadsheet editor like opencalc or excell


Part,Function,Original,Original URL,Replacement,Replacement URL
BATT2,Battery holder AA,COMF H321-1P,,,
L2,inductor 47uH,,,,
“C9,C15″,16v 100uF x2,electrolitic,,electrolitic,
D5,Schottky diode,Vishay BAT43,,same,
U5,5v boost converter,Holtek HT7750A ,,Linear LT1109 ,



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