DWC-OTG drivers

Several SoC manufacturers use DWC-OTG USB 2.0 controller from Designware/Synopsys (Some use it only partially)

Linux doesn’t include it officially but several vendors took the code from Designware and adapted it for themselves.
Usually once they did this they did’t update the code. Synopsys only allow customers to download the latest versions.
The code is filled with bugs and the old code is really slow.

The most recent/decent driver is the one used in the Raspberry PI and I’ve to port it to an older Kernel in another SoC. It is not documented but there seems to be a bit of info aroud the net since a lots of Soc manufacturers use it. I’ll update here the public documentation.

Raspi Broadcom: Cambridge info

Raspi Broadcom: Unnoficial Raspberri PI USB-OTG info  dwc_otg: version 3.00a 10-AUG-2012", "dwc_otg: version 2.90b 6-MAY-2010"

Ralink: Ralink info

Other usefull info:

* Open-wrt uses it a lot (including Fonera) and can be usefull to find kernel patches. They use from “2.72a 24-JUN-2008” to “2.93a 15-MAY-2011”

* Altera has it for the Cyclone v5 FPGAs (socfpga_cyclone5)

    *Altera USB-OTG official documentation

Rockchip RK3066 SDKs Their driver version is a WTF:

dummy_audio.c:#define DRIVER_VERSION        "St Patrick's Day 2004"
dummy_audio.c:    INFO (dev, "%s, version: " DRIVER_VERSION "\n", longname);
dwc_otg_driver.c://#define DWC_DRIVER_VERSION    "2.60a 22-NOV-2006"
dwc_otg_driver.c://#define DWC_DRIVER_VERSION    "2.70 2009-12-31"
dwc_otg_driver.c:#define DWC_DRIVER_VERSION    "3.00 2010-12-12 rockchip" ss

They didn't change it for the rk3188 even on their kernel for kitkat

* Telechips TCC8900 SDK  They use “2.81a 04-FEB-2009″

Other usefull links now:


Mindspeed C2000 uses it for open-wrt “2.93a 15-MAY-2011

Main integrator: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rajiv-kulkarni/12/876/812
Which company uses it: http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/forum/t-768658/wd-my-cloud:some-specifications
Bingo :) the source code: http://support.wd.com/product/download.asp?groupid=904&sid=211&lang=en

Router Linksys en ebay vendidos como v5

ACTUALIZACION: Al final el vendedor devolvió el dinero al recibir el producto de vuelta incluyendo los gastos de envio de vuelta.

Vendidos como “ROUTER LINKSYS WRT 54 GS V 5.1” y adecuados para dd-wrt resultan ser unos WRT54g ver7 que son totalmente incompatibles con los primeros aunque la carcasa de plástico exterior sea similar.

Mas info en la pag:


El vendedor me ha indicado que recibe muchas y que puede haberse confundido. Me ha pedido fotos y me ha indicado que continúe por teléfono y/o Whatsapp. He abierto una disputa en Paypal como indican las normas de Ebay y Paypal para tener constancia de toda comunicación.

Si se soluciona correctamente _no_ abriré una reclamación pero de acuerdo a las normativa de Ebay/Paypal seguramente pierda el importe de los gastos de envío asi que como mínimo tiene un agravio de mas de 6 euros.

Dejo aquí las fotos con la MAC del router.


Chibiduino DCDC replacement parts

I bought several beta chibiduinos to test my indoor location systems with zigbee.

They didn’t have the external battery circuit and they also lacked the battery holder.

Its parts are mostly from Japan and Hongkong and I was not able to find them from local distributors or to obtain sample parts from the manufacturer.

So I had to find replacement parts and I write here where to obtain them for free

Chibiduino 2.1a Datasheet:

1 Inductor
2 capacitors
1 schottky diode
1 AA battery holder
1 DC/DC boost

Copy the text from start to end (without start and end) and save in a text file called chibi.csv

then it can be opened with any spreadsheet editor like opencalc or excell


Part,Function,Original,Original URL,Replacement,Replacement URL
BATT2,Battery holder AA,COMF H321-1P,,,http://www.keyelco.com/category.cfm/AA-Size/For-2-AA-Cells/p/416/id/664/c_id/1022
L2,inductor 47uH,,,,http://www.wilcocorp.com/catalog/
“C9,C15″,16v 100uF x2,electrolitic,,electrolitic,http://www.vishay.com/capacitors/
D5,Schottky diode,Vishay BAT43,,same,
U5,5v boost converter,Holtek HT7750A ,http://www.holtek.com/pdf/consumer/77xxv190.pdf,Linear LT1109 ,http://www.linear.com/product/LT1109